Monday, April 14, 2008

Blue Man Group

We saw the Blue Man Group in Orlando this past week. What an amazing show! You truly have to see it yourself to get the whole experience, and much of the fun is seeing how they handle situations and how they interact with the audience, so I'll try not to spoil any of that. I will say this, though: Do not be late.

As you probably know, it's basically a rhythm show. It starts with three guys with smooth blue heads and no ears beating on drums. The drums eventually get covered in paint, so beating the drum heads sprays paint into the air. That's the scene everyone sees in any BMG ads, so no spoiler there.

Painted drums would get boring after a while, so that ends quickly. The rest of the show involves a surprisingly funny sequence of skits, feats of skill, thought-provoking dialog and audience interaction. The three blue guys are not the only performers--there is an elevated stage with several musicians in fluorescent garb that keep the show moving.

Before the show started I went to the restroom. There was a kid with toilet paper wrapped on his head like a bandana. Later, after I arrived at my seat, I noticed that everyone had toilet paper somewhere on their body. It wasn't toilet paper at all, but a yard or so of long skinny paper that was handed to everyone as they sat down. I expected this to get used in some way, something involving black light, but the way it was used was simply amazing. I have never seen anything using music, flashing lights and paper that was so engrossing.

The show ended at the perfect time, so we slowly made our way out of the theatre. We all agreed that it was the best thing we had experienced in many years.

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