Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Circuit City is no more


Circuit City

I remember when the first Circuit City in Birmingham "plugged in." Big store with everything from appliances to car stereos along the outside with the employees in the center of the doughnut. The center later disappeared, so you had to search for an employee just to buy a CD. Appliances moved out to make room for computers, flat screens took over the entire TV department, everything shoved to the edge to make room for PS3s and XBoxes in the middle. Actual registers appeared at the front door, but it was too late to try to look like Best Buy.

I always liked them better then Best Buy, but I suppose the "hands-off" approach of the staff didn't provide enough pressure to encourage customers to buy $10 HDMI cables for $110 to keep the place afloat.

Hope you didn't get that protection plan on the new computer this past Christmas.

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Jill said...

I saw yesterday in the paper that Home Depot decided to shut down all of the Home Expo stores. This economy situation is really getting depressing. All the cool stores are going away. My dad said he tried to go to Staples the other day only to find that it had closed. Sad. :(