Thursday, March 11, 2010

PlayStation Wiimote

Playstation Move has been officially announced. First glance makes it look a lot like a Wiimote + nunchuck.

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It is lighter, has built-in rechargeable batteries, is completely wireless, has a different button layout, etc. The ball is the only real innovation--the Sony camera determines what color is missing from the background then changes the ball to that color so that it can be easily tracked. Of course, it's not very accurate right now but I'm sure they'll have that ironed out by the time it's released.

In my opinion, the Wiimote combination is quite silly, but is appropriate for the silly Wii. The Wii tries very hard to be a simple fun family gaming system. FPS games are certainly easier to play on the XBox 360 than the Wii. I can't imagine how this limited-button controller could be used for existing games, so users will essentially have to buy an entirely new set of controllers & games to use this, so what is its advantage over just buying a Wii? I can see Nintendo cutting the price again this year to get even more market share.

I am glad we finally bought a 360, but that's because it's cheaper than buying a new PC for its graphics card. I pretty much only play PC games on it, while I play everything else on the Wii. I guess if I only had a PS3 this would be a more exciting announcement.

PlayStation Move first hands-on (update: video!) -- Engadget

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