Sunday, May 04, 2008

Canon PowerShot G7

I've been wanting a 'G-series' Canon for a long time, the G7 for a couple of years. MicroCenter is having a sale on all cameras this month, and the sale apparently applies to clearance items.

I went there to look at the Canon A720 IS (around $180). While I was there one of the salesmen started talking to me.

He pointed out the Canon G9 but I couldn't bring myself to spend over $400 on a camera, no matter how nice it was, but I did tell him that I thought it was very nice. I was thinking of getting a G7, and the only real differences are slightly more pixels (yawn) and the ability to save RAW (I later found a hack to make the G7 save to RAW, so this is moot).

He mentioned that he had a few cameras on clearance (returns), so I walked over with him and saw a (gasp) G7 box. The clearance sticker on the box stated $280 but in reality it was only $211! I gave myself a limit of $200, but I could go without lunch for a couple of days to make up the $11. Unfortunately, the box was empty! Someone stole the camera out of the box.

I was sad, and didn't care about getting any camera since I came so close to the G7. Eventually he went into the back to see what else they had. He came back with another G7 clearance, apparently never opened (battery, neck strap, cd, cable, memory were all still sealed), also for $211. I bought it immediately.

I showed my new find to a photography nut at work who was also wanting a G7. He went to the same store, even though I told him the other box was empty, just so he could have a chance at getting the same deal. Unfortunately, they still were unable to find the camera, so he left empty-handed.

Curious, I looked around online to see if I could get him a similar deal from somewhere. No luck. Ebay was the cheapest, with auctions for used ones over $250. Online stores still have it for over $400 (it was around $600 when it came out).

I'll post a review of the camera after I've used it for a few days.

Canon Powershot G7 digital camera

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