Friday, May 16, 2008

Silly Cats!

We have wild bunnies in the juniper in front of our house. Our back porch winds around the back of the house far enough that we can see the edge of the juniper island. Earler this week my wife noticed a neighbor's cat patiently waiting by the juniper. Not long after she turned away she heard a sqeak, turned back and saw the cat running with a bunny in its jaws! She yelled for me to come over so she could explain what she saw.

I went to the neighbor's fence where the cat was standing with the bunny still in its mouth. As I approached it got scared, dropped its prey, and ran under their porch. The terrified bunny hopped away a small distance, but something didn't look right. Its back leg was sort-of sticking out of its back. It kept trying to move but it just looked awkward. I thought its spine was broken, but then how could it move its back leg? Eventually it straightened up. I clapped a few times to alert it and it finally bounded into another neighbors yard, away from the cat.

This morning I looked out on the porch and saw a cat walking along the top of the wooden 6 foot fence where the chipmunks go. It traced the path normally reserved for small rodents, jumped down, and trotted away. I didn't see any animals in its mouth, but it was still odd to see a cat up there.

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