Thursday, June 12, 2008

2002 Honda Silverwing


I fixed my Silverwing a couple of weeks ago and have been driving to work as often as possible.

Something was shorting out so I followed the repair manual's instructions to remove every single body panel to examine the wiring. I found that a bracket that holds two relays was bent, and that one of the relay cases had a friction hole. I bent the bracket back, bought a new relay, started it up and it worked. I painfully put all of the panels back and have ridden it ever since.

I'm still impressed with this old bike. My wife's scooter is a little 250cc isn't very peppy, so it's a little embarassing for me, a male, to ride. However, my 600cc Silverwing scoots just fine. I sit with pride at stoplights when a fancy 'stang or ricer pulls up beside because I know I can smootly speed to 45 much faster than they can. As a bonus, it doesn't make a big deal about it, just quiet gentle power (no waaaaaaaah).

There is plenty of storage space in this thing. I can put a 20oz bottle of water, gloves and sunglasses in the deep left-side dash cubby. the trunk can easily hold rain gear, my computer in its bag, and my jacket. They make trunks that fit on the rear wing, but I haven't had a need for that much space yet.

I'm a little too tall, I think, for this thing because my head gets lots of wind buffeting. There are larger windshields that can be attached, but I'm too cheap to buy them

I don't know the gas mileage since I fixed it because I'm still on the same tank of gas. I expect it to be between 45 and 60 MPG. I'll report on that in the near future.

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