Thursday, June 19, 2008

'Pick Your Own' Closed Because of Snacking


One of my friends likes to do this with her family. She said that people eat berries there, but the amount eaten is nothing compared to the gallons most people pay for and bring home. It seems like this guy could fix the problem by requiring them to buy at least two gallons (takes up time and will deter those that don't want to pay anything at all).

Farmer scraps 'pick your own' after greedy customers steal strawberries - and even bring cream to dip them in Mail Online

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Jill said...

It ticks me off when I see people eating the berries before paying for them. It's just rude.

Blueberries should be able to be picked now. I think the season starts on June 20. There's a place near Hard Labor Creek that I really want to go to tomorrow if I can convince my family to go.