Tuesday, March 29, 2005

WoW Journal 01

The install took about an hour. Its four disks and I guess compressed content. After the install it took another 15 minutes to get the latest patch. Was able to get 'Pangolyn', which is a made-up word (surprising how many times it has already been taken elsewhere), since Pango and Pangolin were already used.

Started with a Tauren (guess what it looks like! moo) Hunter, which is basically a D&D Ranger. It has a gun and an axe. Didn't realize I had a gun until the third or so level. Started in the Tauren newbie area, which basically has a Native American motif. I went to the first guy with an ! over his head, meaning he had a quest for me. He was right in front of me, couldn't miss him. Anyway, I think he told me to bring him some feathers (may have been a later quest). The place is crawling with easy-t0-kill walking birds, so I killed a few and got what I needed, along with lots of junk. I don't like the way the interface works--you can't tell how much something is worth unless you try to sell it. That wouldn't be a problem except you can only hold a few items, so you have to throw things away unless you go to the town every few minutes.

Anyway, I continued doing little quests (kill # of x; bring x to y; etc.) and leveling until I hit level 6, which took about two hours. It wasn't very exciting and I didn't come close to death, but this was the beginner area so I wasn't too worried about that. Eventually I did all of my class quests so I went to the next town over the ridge. I started seeing a lot of corpses on the ground, but the same old tigers and birds, which didn't make sense. Wait, those aren't the same! The birds are now level 10 and the tigers are actually wolves. These are more of a challenge, but still not that hard. I don't see how these guys were getting killed, unless they ran over here as level 1. I also saw a big rhino-looking animal, but it disappeared before I had a chance to attack it. I saw a herd of them later and killed a baby one.

I chose a role-playing server, but the general chat was not RP stuff (dude, that was l33t; anyone played CS:S?) so I don't think they enforce the chat like the server documentation said. 12:15, time to sleep.

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