Tuesday, March 29, 2005

WoW Journal 02

This time I created a little female Gnome Warlock (I thought Warlocks were MALE witches). She will supposedly be able to summon creatures, and I liked the Summoner in Nox, so it might work out well.

This race is a little harder to play if only because the first questgiver isn't obvious. I didn't see a quest giver until I leveled up. I also expected a big huge bull creature to be tougher than a little tiny girl thing but they appear to be about the same. Why even bother having different races if the only differences are a few race 'spells'?

Some guy kept following me around saying 'ha ha'. He wanted me to duel but I told him I was just starting and wanted to finish a quest, but he kept bothering me. I guess he thought I was a real girl since my avatar was female. He eventually went away but I had to deal with him for 20 minutes. Anyway, finished a few quests and shut it down.

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