Thursday, March 31, 2005

WoW Journal 04

Started an undead rogue last night. It's amazing how different the starting areas are. The Taurons have large grassy fields, the gnomes have a snowy forest, the humans have rolling countryside & woods, and the undead have a weird, creepy land. It really seems like different games. Anyway, was not happy with my undead rogue--rather, the world it lived in. I had a very difficult time finding the main questmaster, something that was really easy for Taurons & humans (don't remember the gnome). The newbie fodder creatures looked just like the undead from afar so I had a hard time finding things to kill.

Went back to my human ranger and completed the first non-newbie quest (explore a mine). After that, I went to the town center (not the newbie place, the next one) and had a flashback from Asheron's Call: Everyone was standing in the middle chatting and showing off their stuff. Some of the chars had really cool pets, like a floating black cloud genie thing. There were a couple of duels going on, so I watched them for a bit (looked interesting). It was late so I didn't do anything else.

Next time I will try a dark elf rogue. I like the rogues because they can sneak up to someone and backstab them (lvl 3 mobs lose about 1/3 of their health). They can also throw knifes to pull a mob to them, and can just barely get two thrown before they are too close. I like that ranged attacks have a minimum range so a char can't just shoot arrows at something that is clawing at it.

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