Monday, March 17, 2008

Kayak Season - Advanced Elements Dragonfly

We finally broke out the kayaks this weekend. It was warm enough to wear shorts & no jacket, but not quite 'hot' yet.

We all have Advanced Elements Dragonfly inflatable kayaks. They weigh about 25 pounds and pack into a large suitcase so they are suitable for airline travel. They also fold up small enough to fit three of them, along with paddles, PFDs and assorted other gear, in the trunk of my 2007 Acura TSX. My wife actually has the two-person model so that she can bring the dog (didn't bring the dog this time, though).

Our friends also have the same kayaks, except their two kids share their two-person one. Even though it had been several months since we last used them, everyone pitched in and remembered how things worked well enough for us to get all six pumped up and in the water in less than 15 minutes.

Normally Tribble Mill lake is filled with underwater weeds and lined with lily pads (see above), but not this time--I guess winter took its toll. I'm sure it will all be back soon enough. What surprised us, though, were the large amounts of turtles. We easly saw over one hundred turtles this trip.

We only paddled for about 45 minutes because the seal on my son's kayak wasn't tight. It was enough, though, because it gave us enough time to get out the bikes...

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