Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Visual Music

Here's an example of a way to visualize music as positions on a helix (or a circle if viewed from above).

Sample using Chopin
Dmitri Tymoczko, Composer and Music Theorist

EDIT: Note that you have to open up the sample with QuickTime to see the visualization. Microsoft's music player will not show the video portion.


Jill said...

Ugh, my computer is not cooperating. It wouldn't open the Chopin page at all and the links on the guy's page didn't work. I updated Norton last night and now everything is acting messed up.

Unknown said...

I just opened this file in Windows Media Player. The visualization looks like the regular visualization you get when you play audio through the WMP. This is no discovery.

Pango said...

You have to open it up in QuickTime, since it's a MOV file. Sorry about the format--I didn't create it.