Friday, April 08, 2005

WoW Journal 07

Ventured off the island today. Took a hippogriff to Darkshore. Isn't it lovely? WoWScrnShot_040705_234849

Lots of other things happened: Finally lvl 10 so I get to dual-wield now. Not super-effective since I can only use daggers, but it looks cool. Made leather kits that added +8 to almost all of my armor (skinned cats and made kits). Learned to fish & cook but haven't tried either yet. Rode a boat to DarkShore.

Figured out what was wrong with throwing daggers. Apparently when you get more than one throwing weapon (I acquired throwing axes) and you drag the weapons to your toolbar, then click the tool, it only activates the weapon. Realized that I had to drag the 'throw weapon' feat to the bar to actually throw.

Something irritating also happened. Was sneaking around looking for this big spider for a quest and happened to come right up on her backside! She was level 12, two above me, so I stood there a minute while I was planning the attack and any escape routes when she disappeared! She just vanished! I guess she randomly moves to different locations, but it bothered me. I couldn't find her again so I will have to try later.

I walked around Dolonaar (I think that is the name of the big city) trying to find some lady so I can give her a flower as part of a quest. I walked around that city twice and wasn't able to find her. Found a hint online, so I will try that tonight. I think I have two or three quests that are done except for getting back with the person. I think I will mark my map from now on so I can easily finish my other quests.

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