Monday, April 25, 2005

WoW Journal 13: PvP

Ugh! I was out training my new pet bird on the way to Fire Mountain when a snooty lvl 20 elf laughed at me. He challenged me to a duel, so I accepted even though I knew I would get killed. Actually fared pretty well but he killed me. The first time I had been killed in a duel, oh well.

Ran back to my corpse (wasn't far) then continued to attack beasties to train my new bird. Somehow I put hunter's mark on myself. How did I do that? Ouch! Hey, my health is going down! What's going on? Looked around and saw the lvl 20 elf shooting arrows into me. He killed me and went on. How did PvP get turned on on me?

Come to find out, it must have happened during our duel. Fortunately, it only affects me until I hang out in Horde territory for 5 minutes. Got some apples for my bird and logged off. Won't duel Alliance again!

That being said, I kind of liked the thrill. It's almost like playing a different game. I may switch to a PVP server and try that for a while. Definitely won't walk around alone.

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