Tuesday, April 19, 2005

WoW Journal 10: Paladin

Played the rogue with several characters. Tried a shaman (or whatever) Tauren. Tried a warlock, complete with imp helper. Now for a tank.

I wanted to try something that could actually wear the armor I keep finding, so I created a Paladin human. Sped through to level 6 in about three hours or so.

It certainly felt stronger than a thief or a warlock. I plowed through mob after mob without any difficulty, to a point. I eventually died because I was swamped by kobolds. Generally, I can hold my own with two at-level mobs without a problem, even three in a stretch.

The abilities are nice. Once I realized that I had to turn off attack for it to work, the "can't hit me" spell works long enough for me to get a nice running start or a quick heal before I get attacked again. Also, the stun spell sometimes keeps the mob stunned for the entire battle. Still working on how to apply the seals for the best overall attack.

The attacks seem really slow, but I'm using a big ol' two-handed hammer instead of a little dagger. Will try a one-handed model with a shield soon.

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