Wednesday, April 13, 2005

WoW Journal 09: Swim to Westfall

Hopped a boat from Darkshore to the Wetlands on the other continent. I looked around a little bit, took some heckling from lvl 25+ players about only being an 11. Met a dwarf that kept following me, asked me why I was there. Told him I was going to swim to Westfall and he wanted to join. I had heard that you are supposed to stay close to shore so you wouldn't drown, so I did just that and died about four times because of little nasty sea beasties. He gave up and left.

I finally decided to jump off the edge of the pier and swim out. I saw my fatigue meter when I hit 'blue' water. Oh, that's it! Just avoid the blue water and you won't drown. Saw a hammerhead shark on the sea floor (cool). Swam for about 30 minutes when one of my guild buddies got on. He decided to follow me, so he started swimming, too. He got tired of it and died, came back at another city and ran on.

I finally saw Westfall but the beach was swarming with lvl 16+ baddies, so I kept swimming until I finally saw an empty spot. Ran and stealthed until I came to a small town. I didn't realize that Dark Elves were so much larger than humans.

Anyway, finally made it to the human newbie town. Will start out from here and do the lvl 10+ quests.

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