Thursday, April 21, 2005

WoW Journal 12: Directions and Kittens

East and West are different. His watch was in a house to the WEST. Argh.

Leveled to 14. I had been saving money (40s) to buy a kitty, but I wanted to check with the Paladin trainer first to get my new feats. They are both 20s each. Hmmm, new feats or a worthless kitten to follow me around? Chose the cat. Haven't been able to interact with it in any way, but it is cute, doesn't get hurt and follows me everywhere. She's black (basically), just like our three real-life cats.

Primarily working in Westfall now. Finally strong enough to handle those golems in the fields, but there are lots of things that can kill me. Fortunately, there is a graveyard right in the middle for easy access! Too bad I can't bring myself back to life.

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