Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clinton 1100 Obama 1039

WOW: So close!

I really don't have a problem with Hillary as a person, but if I have to choose someone who has a chance of actually being president (I consider myself a libertarian, but come on!) I am pushing for Obama.

I even have an issue with voting in a primary unless you truly consider yourself a member of that party, but I just couldn't let a vote for Obama pass. I put my vote in the ring and I just can't believe how close the race is right now.

Yeah, I admit, I am voting for him because he's black. Well, not really because he's black, but because his views match most closely with mine and he just happens to be democrat and just happens to be black. My dad told me that he would have voted for Colin if he ever ran, but that never happened.

I, unfortunately, consider myself prejudice, but that's from years of living in the South. I am working hard to make that go away, and I think I'm almost cured. I currently work at a company that is very progressive, with many of the managers being black and/or women. They are where they are not just because of their race/gender, but because they are skilled at their jobs. I realized long ago that skin color has nothing to do with skill.

So, why did I say I voted for a black man? It's because I'm sick of blindly conservative honkies running this country. I become ill every time I seriously think about what's going on right now. I know this is a big bandwagon, but I really did reject the idea of going to Iraq from the beginning. Saudis 'sploded the WTC, not Iraqis, not Afghanis! But, no, they are our good buddies, so we'll just ignore that. Maybe it's some sort of vendetta for "them arabs attakin' my daddy." I never want to hear NUCULAR again. I mean, really, any 6th grader that's learned about atoms knows about the NUCLEUS of the atom and about the NEUTRON, so why would they ever say the word NUCULAR? It's just an external expression of a fundamental failure to understand science. I really don't care if someone believes in God, but blindly ignoring science is not allowed if you are the leader of the world.



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Jill said...

I would have voted for Colin too. Too bad he didn't run against Dubya. I think we would have had a different world today.

My biggest reason for supporting Obama is because I actually feel hopeful when I hear him speak. Our country doesn't have to be this way anymore, and he's saying that.

I never supported the Iraq debacle. I actually predicted back before we started the war, when tensions were building, that Saddam was bluffing about the whole WMD thing. Lo and behold, I was right. If some random lady in Georgia like me can figure that out, why couldn't our leaders? Well, clearly they wanted a war all along.

Yes, I also feel ill when I think about stuff right now too, but I am soooo glad that it looks like we'll have a different sort of leader in the White House in less than a year.