Thursday, February 21, 2008


Pandora (after Pandora's Box from mythology) is a music genome front-end. All you do is create a "station", include one or more bands, and start listening! It takes essential measurements of the artists you select (major harmonies, simple guitar, droning synth, etc.) and finds other songs that you might like.

I was introduced to it a few months ago by some music lovers at work, but didn't get into it then. However, the population of users at work has grown to the point that I realize I must have missed something. I am impressed with it now and have already found out about 10 new bands I never heard of before that I really like.

Profile for Pango - Pandora


Anonymous said...

Hey Pango -

It's cool to hear that you and your co-workers are loving Pandora!

Ten new bands...that's impressive. Thanks for listening.

:) Lucia, from Pandora

Pango said...

I typed my blog URL into my profile, but didn't expect a Pandora person come here!

Jill said...

Pretty cool! I'll have to check it out. Cool that she stopped by too.

Anonymous said...

Well, we care what our listeners think! : )
Have a lovely weekend...

Best, Lucia