Friday, February 29, 2008

Mini Review - Croozer Dog Trailer

My wife picked it up at REI yesterday and brought it home. I hooked it up to my bike's rear axle, then she put the dog in the trailer and zipped her up. I rode down our driveway and back up and she didn't freak out.

We let her out and I readjusted some things. She kept hanging out near the trailer but stayed about a foot away. She clearly was not traumatized by the event, and acted like she wanted to go again. We put her back in, then I biked to the end of our street and back with my son on his bike. I couldn't see the dog, of course, but my wife said the dog sat on her haunches the whole time, just looking out at our son and the scenery.

My legs burned on the way back up our steep driveway. I added toe clips to my bike so I could use more power as needed--glad I did. I could get up the driveway with the gears in 1, 1 (first gear in front and back), but just barely.

This thing folds flat so it easily fits in the car. We'll have to try it at a bike trail this weekend.

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