Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pit Zips!

One of my friends has been looking for a female jacket that breathes, with pit zips a plus. She decided it was never going to happen until she saw my (male) jacket that had everything she wanted: Breathable, packable, waterproof, pit zips. She dug around and found one for over twice the price I paid for my man-jacket, but at least it's what she's dreamed about.

Mountain Hardwear: Quark Jacket

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Jill said...

I guess if you want a female jacket with pit zips, you gotta pay the big bucks for them.

A lot of the reviews for other jackets I was looking at (including the website you gave me) talked on and on about keeping heat in the jacket. That's the least of my worries. One lady even acted like pit zips were a useless thing on a jacket. Whatever. Guess she's not one of the Clinical Secret deodorent set.