Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mini Review - Funny Games vs. SPLHCB

I tried to get my friends to watch Funny Games but they stopped after the golf club to the knee.

They kept talking about the horrible 70's movie Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band movie (SPLHCB). Eventually they made me watch it, but I said I would only watch up to the golf club to the knee. Apparently that scene is when Peter Frampton sings his first 'big money' concert.

I really didn't think SPLHCB was as bad as they stated, but it was very unwatchable. I had no desire to see the entire thing and felt like I was worse off having seen what I saw. I kind of understand their point of not wanting to finish Funny Games now.

Laser fingers.


Jill said...

I have to confess, I'm developing a strange attraction to Sgt. Peppers now. Maybe after having watched it three times it grows on you. My beef with it is that it's everything I hated in the 70s all rolled into two hours of crap, right down to the satin jackets and super tight girly looking pants on Frampton.

Pango said...

It seems like your real beef is that it ruined Frampton's career. Did you have a schoolgirl crush on him before you saw the movie?

Jill said...

My only recollection of Peter Frampton from that age is that I for some reason really couldn't stand him. While watching Sgt. Pepper's, I wondered if I had seen the movie back in the 70s (I believe I did), and made my Peter Frampton judgment from that movie alone. It is enough to turn someone off Frampton for a long time.

It's only as an adult that I began to appreciate him. He's a really good musician (Sgt. Pepper's performance excluded). I don't think they ever featured him playing on his guitar in that movie, and that is really what he is most famous for.